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About outdoor advertisement

One of the most effective ways to increase awareness of the company is the original design of cars with various graphics in the form of stickers or full pasting, building facades with signs, three-dimensional letters, rolling displays, light boxes, roof installations, shields and firewalls that inform potential customers about new products, promotions and special offers. The secret of the success of outdoor advertising is that it unobtrusively attracts attention and is your advertising will be easily remembered.

We offer the following services:
Banner making – Banners are shields consisting of banner fabric. Advertising information is applied to the canvas using a digital wide-format printer.
Manufacturing of signs (Light Box) – Signs contain information about the name of the enterprise and the profile of its activities and can be three-dimensional letters or light boxes that are placed on the facades of buildings. Signs are one-sided or two-sided, with or without external illumination. There are also designs with internal illumination. High efficiency distinguished LED installation. LED
Production of volume letters – Volume letters are distinguished by the possibility of combining with other types of advertising. The dimensions of such structures can vary from a few centimeters to several meters. Light letters are made of metal, wood or light-diffusing plastic and are usually equipped with LED backlighting. LED
Window dressing – Glazed parts of the facades used to inform about goods and services are called Showcases. The most budget option – applications and stickers.
Advertising on transport – Advertising design of corporate transport is a service that is popular today in our company. It is designed to turn attention to the brand and increase brand awareness. By its effectiveness, this type of outdoor advertising is comparable to advertising on billboards or on the walls of a building.
The main advantages of auto branding
Advertising information placed on corporate transport is often much more effective than a stationary presentation of information. And all thanks to its undeniable advantages, which will be:
• Mobility;
• Reach a wider range of potential customers;
• Speed of registration;
Making (3D) Bulk Stickers – Bulk stickers or data plates can be used in a wide variety of fields. Volumetric stickers are used to design all kinds of products, to designate a company logo on cars, computers, household appliances, elite alcohol, exclusive cosmetics, and various equipment.
Large format digital printing:
• wide format printing on vinyl film for full pasting on a car with graphics
• widescreen print on canvas (Canvas print)
• wide format printing on paper.
• Making Vinyl Stickers

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