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Windshield repair

Team of professionals from DECALGROUP

About windshield repair

Is there a crack or chip on the glass of your car? Don`t not worry, often auto glass can be repaired, and it will look almost like new. Repair takes less time and costs much less than a full replacement glass. Repair in itself is not an alternative to replacing the windshield, but only an attempt to delay its replacement for an indefinite period. The faster you notice a crack or chip and come to our technical center, the more likely it is to save the windshield.
If a spall or crack is found, try to seal this place with insulating tape or tape to avoid water and dirt from entering the damaged area, and come to our DECAL GROUP OY to repair the windshield. Timely repair of the windshield of the car will almost completely remove the effects of cracks and chips, and, accordingly, save the glass. In our service center you will receive a professional, individual approach to repair the windshield.

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